Title: Vulnerabilities in YingZhi Python Programming Language for iOS
Author: XiaoWen Huang

Version: 1.9
Product Websites:
http://www.iphoneappstorm.com/iphone-apps/utilities/com.yingzhi.python/yingzhipython.php?id=493505744 YingZhi


Python Interpreter is a native python development application for the iPad/iPhone. It is available for iOS 4 and above.

The product is packaged with its own httpd and ftpd servers. Enabling the local daemons for development by Touching Computer<->This Machine starts up an httpd server and ftpd server, both daemons are bound to device IP not localhost.


httpd server allows upload of arbitrary files to root WWW directory.

Browsing to http://<target_ip>:8080/ presents an index page in which anyone can upload files to the web servers root directory.

ftp server vulnerable to ../ bug

The ftp server doesn't sanitize user input and allows remote users to read and possibly write to the devices storage.

The ftp server doesn't bother authenticating users, any username/password combination will allow you in.

Larry W. Cashdollar @_larry0